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Shop Thorold benefits our local businesses, our community, and a better quality of life for residents. 

The mission of the Shop Thorold campaign is to motivate consumers to act locally.  Join our movement for a stronger community.

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Unifying a Strong Community

Shopping local opens opportunities for a strong, thriving community. Shopping local creates better roads, great parks and recreational centres.

Shopping local means a stronger economy for a more vibrant community. 

Shop Thorold shows the direct results of acting locally. 

Shop Thorold gives power to our residents to keep our community prosperous.

Did you know for every $100 spent at a national chain, only $43 stays local?

When a customer spends $100 at a local business like Henderson’s Pharmacy as much as $68 stays in our community. 

That’s a lot of money that stays in town.  That money turns over 5 to 7 times in our local economy.  The local spin-offs recirculate dollars to credit unions, home improvement contractors, retailers, restaurants, and much more for the local benefit.

Dollars invested locally earn a higher rate of community return. It’s almost 60 percent higher. This adds up to more businesses paying property taxes. This means more dollars available for municipal improvements, and our quality of life in Thorold.

Everyone Benefits When We Shop Thorold

Shop Thorold generates local energy. This energy creates power.

Shop Thorold turns on the economic power in our community.  We hope you stay connected and Shop Thorold.

Consider the local benefits when we Shop Thorold.

Did you know ?

Did you know that small businesses are Canada’s largest employer? 

Small businesses create the most new jobs for Thorold residents.  Local businesses you support will stay strong and support local groups, charities, teams, and donate to our community’s well-being.

We know that non-profit organizations receive an average of 250 percent higher support from local business owners than they receive from out-of-town controlled companies.