New Shop Thorold Logo Expresses Love for Small Business

Shop Thorold-Logo

The introduction of the new Shop Thorold logo is being presented to the community during Small Business Week in Canada. The creative logo design expresses the love for small business in Thorold located in the heart of the Niagara Region.

A heart-shaped icon in the logo is strategically positioned over the tagline to remind consumers they can “Love Where They Shop.” The Thorold geography is depicted within the centre of the mosaic symbolically showcasing the City of Thorold’s central location within the Niagara Region. As the logo shows, the City of Thorold is at the heart of this Region.

That abstract image also captures the variety and uniqueness that Thorold offers, but also plays on the love that business and residents have for this great city, according to Marco Marino, Manager of Economic Development, City of Thorold.

Located in the centre of the Peninsula, Thorold is easily accessible by all Niagarans. This is evoked within the heart of the logo. The white lines that we see not only represent municipal borders, but also represent the road system that acts as arteries to the greater Niagara market.

“Local is not only Thorold; it is Niagara. We all benefit when we support each other within the region. Business doesn’t have borders and we want the regional population shopping and loving Thorold as well.”

Marco Marino, Manager of Economic Development, City of Thorold.

“Now it is more important than ever that we all Shop Thorold! As a community, we are a partnership; a team working as one towards a common goal. This goal is the resilience and sustainability of our business base and showcasing that resolve to those outside of the community that are looking at Thorold for potential investment,”

Marco Marino, Manager of Economic Development, City of Thorold.

Niagara Region Supports Shop Thorold Campaign

The creative logo and other graphic design assets add up to a valuable contribution made in kind from the Niagara Region along with financial assistance to support the small business initiative for the Shop Thorold campaign. The logo will be used in the Shop Thorold marketing campaign including a direct mail flyer, posters, window stickers, badges, and digital media to roll out in months ahead.

Businesses Need Stability and a Support Infrastructure Around Them

“Businesses need stability and a support infrastructure around them, and there is no greater place than the City of Thorold and its people who showcase the love for their community. So like the slogan inspires us, let’s remind people to Shop Where You Live, Love Where You Shop and Shop Thorold!”

Manoj Dilwaria, CAO, City of Thorold.

Small Business Week – Comments by Mayor Terry Ugulini

Monday May 3rd, 2021 marked the beginning of Small Business Week in Canada. It is a time to recognize the enormous contributions that small businesses make to our country and the challenges that they have recently faced due to the global pandemic. We must take note of what entrepreneurs in our city and across the country are doing to adapt and position their businesses for recovery, and how we can support their efforts.

To that end, the City of Thorold in partnership with the Niagara Region and the Thorold Business Improvement Area Association have launched the “Shop Where You Live, Love Where You Shop” campaign to bolster community spirit and to ultimately build consumer confidence.

The Shop Thorold logo that was recently created compliments this campaign and is to be shared with all stakeholders in different forms to remind us all that shopping Thorold is ultimately an investment in our city’s resilience. I encourage everyone to buy local and show as much support as you can for our small businesses. Only together can we defeat this virus and build back better,” stated Mayor Terry Ugulini.