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Congratulations to Susan France, winner of the Shop Thorold slogan contest. Shop where you live.  Love where you shop.

A local movement is gaining momentum in building support for small businesses in Thorold with a new promotion that started on February 22. The campaign on 91.7 Giant FM and Country 89 will inspire local consumers to shop where they live, and love where they shop.

Shop Where You Live – Love Where You Shop

For the most part, we know people love the friendly, personalized service when they shop Thorold. A key message in the new ad campaign is to remind people to rediscover the unique boutiques, restaurants and professional services in Thorold. Consumers will be encouraged to shop in the centre of the Niagara Region, from Historic Downtown Thorold, Port Robinson to Thorold South. The Shop Thorold website will help people find local favourites in the Brock Business Park, Confederation Heights or other areas in the city.

It’s about showing your love for small business and shopping where you live.

Radio advertising is mixed with images of people and places in the Thorold business community to combine the power of sight and sound in our shop local campaign.

Niagara Region Partners with City of Thorold to Support Local

To push this initiative, Shop Thorold has partnered with Niagara Region Economic Development and the City of Thorold to launch a new ‘Support Local’ campaign. The messaging has been designed to raise community spirit and heighten the level of local pride, while encouraging residents to shop at small businesses in their home town. A key message in the campaign will emphasize the importance of supporting small businesses in Thorold as the community faces the challenges of the winter 2021 lockdown across Ontario.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many local companies that are the backbone of our community. We want you to love local becuase small business in Thorold means so much to us.
With this goal in mind, the Shop Thorold marketing campaign will remind local consumers that we’re in this together. In other words, we all win locally. Let’s share the local love and support our locally owned businesses during these difficult times when mom and pop stores or young entrepreneurs need our support the most.

Paul Carfagnini, producer of the Shop Thorold campaign.

The Shop Thorold campaign launched on February 22 with radio advertising on 91.7 Giant FM as well as Country 89. The integrated marketing campaign will also include digital, social media, direct mail, posters, and other media to run through the spring season. The marketing messages will emphasize the benefits to share the local love, and reasons we all win when we shop where we live.

Shop where you live. Love where you shop. Just like we see Anthony and Val rediscover the unique boutiques and favourite restaurants in Downtown Thorold.

• Local business owners love to build customer relationships. They take the time to get to know your needs!

• When we buy local, we boost the community, support local residents, andhire people that work here.

• Local companies share the love and give back with donations to charities or team sponsorships. Small businesses pay taxes to support municipal programs.

Creating Positive Vibes

As people in Niagara try to overcome the health, economic and social hardships in Ontario, the Shop Thorold campaign creates positive vibes to remind us that we’re all get through this together. By thinking local and shopping safely in our nearby communities, we support our local businesses when they need us the most.

Angie from Angie O’Hs Antigue Shop on Front St. S. in Downtown Thorold gives thumbs up to our buy local message!

For more information on the Shop Thorold campaign, or to join this buy local movement in our community, check out the registration page on our website.

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