Slogan Contest Prizes Roll In

Shop Thorold Slogan Contest Prizes

We are happy to show that prizes are rolling in for the Shop Thorold slogan contest. Local companies are supporting the Shop Thorold promotion by providing a variety of cool swag and other items to reward the best entries in our community promotion.  Thanks to the following companies for giving us a boost to start the promotion by donating a prize.

Other companies are being invited to add their prize to the package as we all pull together to promote the Buy Local – Shop Thorold movement.
Random prizes from the collection will be awarded to qualifiers from the entries showing creative ideas and passion for our community.

A grand prize package will go to the best slogan to be used as a tagline for the Shop Thorold marketing campaign later in 2021.

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The contest runs until January 31, 2021. Our community-based promotion invites everyone who is proud of Thorold to share their local love by submitting an entry. The contest also inspires us to reflect on reasons we love small businesses.  We also want to create positive engagement on the “Buy Local – Shop Thorold” benefits. We all win locally!

“The passion and support for our city gets amplified when we share why we love our city. Please push this message on your social media. Kindly use our hashtags; #shopthorold, #eatthorold, #livewellthorold”

Thanks to Our Prize Donors

We Invite Companies To Join Our Movement
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Submit your  idea for a Shop Thorold slogan.  Submit your entry in the form at the bottom of the contest page.