Slogan Contest Rewards Creativity Promoting Local Business

slogan contest shop Thorold

Shop Thorold needs a new slogan and we want you to show us the write stuff. Our new slogan must be a catchy phrase that we can use as a tagline in advertising campaigns along with our branding. Ideally, our slogan should be 3 to 5 words in length. Key points in the message should communicate the unique, friendly, and historic image of our business community across the Greater Thorold Area (GTA).

Try your creativity and show us some clever verse drafting.
A good slogan is the key to capture consumer attention and make a memorable impression of the Shop Thorold message.
As a result, the new slogan will help us gain top of mind awareness for the Shop Thorold campaign.

Paul Carfagnini, Founder, Shop Thorold

The person sending us the best slogan will win a deluxe Shop Thorold prize package comprised of items from local merchants, and an official certificate in recognition of the achievement. Depending on participation by sponsors, we’ll also give random entrants a Shop Thorold prize compliments of local Thorold businesses.

Contest Guidelines

  • Be five words maximum
  • Be simple to #hashtag
  • Be memorable
  • Easy to say
  • Positively portray an image of all business areas / groups in all parts of Thorold
  • Convey uniqueness of the local, independently owned businesses in Thorold
  • Entrants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and live in Canada
  • If the same slogan is submitted numerous times, only the first entry recorded will be used in judging a winner

Tips to Write an Effective, Memorable Slogan

  • Make your point, fast and effectively
  • Avoid wordiness and saying a lot about nothing
  • Feature the uniqueness of Shop Thorold
  • Focus precisely on the Shop Thorold concept
  • Keep it short
  • Say it simply

Examples of slogans as thought starters,
but we know you can do much better!

  • Grow together – shop locally
  • What stays local, grows local
  • What goes around stays around

Early Entries Submitted – Send Us Your Idea in Form Below

Thorold Now and TomorrowThoroughly Thorold
Live. Shop. Eat. Play. Thorold.Experience the wonders of Thorold
Make our own Thorold historyKeeping community together shop local
Live, love and Shop ThoroldWhere Every Store is unique
Climb to better shoppingEat, Sip, Shop Thorold
Shop where you loveGrow together Thorold, Buy Local
What goes local, grows localBuy local. Keep it here.
Local means unique and friendlyShopping right in front of you
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Shop Thorold Slogan Contest Entry Form

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